Looking Up at the Night Sky(line): Austin, One Year Later

I’m a huge fan of skylines. Every place I have lived has an epic one. Places like LA, NY, and Phoenix.

The skyline is one of the first greetings one is given to a new town, and one of the first indications that someone has returned home. Austin is no different. A year ago today, pulling a trailer through Arizona, New Mexico and all of West Texas I arrived in a place that I never thought I’d be. It wasn’t my initial plan to move to Austin. I had already turned it down once before for a “sure thing.” But as I have become well aware, “sure things” are never such and sometimes the best option available is to just pack up. And go.

And so on a ridiculously hot and muggy night in late June, my friend Scott and I finally completed the last leg of our journey. As we drove up I-35 after a quick stop in San Antonio we were greeted to this:

My new home.

A year later some things have changed, others haven’t. I just bought my first house. I’ve finally done some good things in stand up comedy. My new academic program has been wonderful. I’ve become a better person in a lot of ways. And I still continue to make sense of how the heck I ended up here at all. But Austin, and its inhabitants have been amazingly supportive. I only wish I can do my new adopted town justice and one day return the favor. I haven’t fallen in love with the city as quickly and easily as everyone said I would. In many ways I’m still not ready. The skyline of New York City still gives me chills and LA will always be my first home. But the feeling I got on that night in June, rounding a curve on the I-35 in the Capital of Texas let me know that everything would be alright. No one cares how you got here. They’re just glad you came.

And I’m getting closer.


About Joe Faina

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  1. I always get a bit choked up when, after being away from ATX for awhile, I drive or fly back in and see the tower in the distance. I’m sure you’ll start to feel the same way over the next few years.

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