High School Reunion

Many in my age group didn’t go to their 10 year reunion. My Dad had been hounding me about it for months but it didn’t matter. I always knew I was going to go. There was never really a revenge factor. I’ve just always been curious to see what happened to everyone. So many people skipped town and within a year or two I lost touch with all but a handful of people from a school of 1500.

None of those people were there.

My friends said I was the brave one for going. It was certainly weird, but about what I expected. I did think more would be there but Facebook’s pretty much reconnected everyone who mattered from high school. Except for Eric Chemi. Seriously, what happened to that dude?

I split to catch a friend at a dive in Los Feliz. A few days later it was outside a Kid Cudi show in downtown when I finally discussed with a friend what it was like. I told her I was glad I went and people seemed to be doing well. She caught my diplomatic bluff:

“You’re saying it was pathetic.”

Yes. It was.

It wasn’t pathetic because many of the people still live in town. There’s nothing wrong or weird about sticking around your hometown and getting a day job. Everyone who was there was there for the same reason–a curiosity to see what was going to happen. It was weird that no one ever felt the need to go back. Unless you still lived there.

The location was all that needed to be explained about my high school. It was at the Hard Rock Cafe in Universal City Walk, the largest tourist trap in LA. Meaning it was expensive as shit. And hysterical. There wasn’t a single coherent group of friends there.

I went in knowing it was going to be ridiculous. It did not disappoint. A reunion at the Hard Rock was not the weirdest part. Neither was the fact that only 30 people showed up. What did it for me is sitting at the bar with one of the dudes who was literally bulletproof in high school because his parents were both LAPD telling me he’s about to take the bar exam in the hopes of one day prosecuting corrupt cops. I remember thinking “that’s really great…hey remember when you and your twin brother nearly beat that kid to death in a movie theater parking lot? Because you were bored on a Friday night.”

Of course he didn’t. Because as I said bye to all of them before I left he responded “Nice to meet you”.


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