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There’s an App for That. But Why?

I just finished my weekly visit to my local-ish Apple Store. This time it was for an actual purpose not a I “need” to check new iPad accessories drop in. I’ve jumped Mac first into MobileMe and was getting some pointers on to better use the service. Naturally my questions turned to everything but how to sync all my devices.

With the recent release of the Mac App Store for Mac users who actually use the computers it seems as if Wired’s pronouncement of an App revolution has finally solidified itself. But I’m still not sure what the fuss is about.

Apps make a ton of sense on increasingly mobile devices, where hard drive space, much like screen space, is at a premium. But laptops seem to be getting less and less the mobile users device of choice. Though I love my Macbook and appreciate Apple’s ability to make them even lighter, my iPad and, hopefully, new iPhone (good work Verizon!) take up most of my on the go computer use. And that is fine.

This is not really a complaint about the Mac App Store. Becky, today’s MobileMe instructor, was quick to point out that it makes a lot of sense for Macbook Air users. Which is true. And it also can potentially be used to upgrade applications one already has without having to buy a completely new version. That’s also true. But I already use third party apps like Tweetdeck on my laptop and don’t really worry much about clogging up hard drive space of more than 200GB, so an entire store seems unnecessary other than it’s already available for iPhone/Pod/Pad etc. I get their utility on the iPad and my increasingly useless Blackberry (again Bravo Verizon!) I get Wired’s justification that “the Web is Dead” in favor of more app based internet use. Now that it seems to be coming toward laptops as well I am just trying to wrap my mind around how this will actually benefit and shift more stationery computer usage. Perhaps its just another step toward complete syncing of every device one owns. Seems pretty cool but also kinda creepy.

Can anyone help me out? Who is using the Mac App Store and why?